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Thread: Printer Problem

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    Printer Problem

    I have an interesting printer problem with the new Release Preview of Windows 8.

    First the background. System is an HP Pavilion with 4 GB of memory. I have an old Epson LQ-570 dot matrix printer connected to an add-on combination 1 parallel, 2 serial port card. The system has 4 partitions on the HD: DOS 7, Win XPSP3, Win 7 64-bit, and Win 8 64-bit. The printer works correctly on all OS except Win 8 RP. It worked on Win 8 CP

    The port comes up as ECP Port LPT3. The driver is the same as in Win7. I did not have to use the CD included with the card to enable the port.

    In Win 8 CP I was able to install a printer driver which worked properly with this printer. In Win 8 RP there is no corresponding printer selection (after using Windows Update to expand the list).

    Problem: The system sends continuous line feeds to the printer and occasionally some garbage characters. This happens fairly soon after boot up. The problem persists even with no printer driver installed.

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    As Microshaft further refines its OS and drivers cache, we can expect to see more and more of the old hardware NOT working.

    The old dot matrix printer is just one of many pieces of hardware that are no longer going to be supported.

    All the more reason to keep your older OS as your main OS for Production Work.

    I wish I still had my Epson dot matrix printer. It was great for doing things that just cannot be done on the newer Ink Jet printers.
    Hang on to it !!!! (as long as you can still get ribbons for it)

    I'm factory trained on that printer. It's a great one!

    Cheers Mate!
    The Doctor (aka, The Printer Man)
    Experience is truly the best teacher.

    Backup! Backup! Backup! GHOST Rocks!

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    Would the good Doctor be trained in the Okidata Microline 390 Turbo Dot Matrix printer? Have been using it since XP and now have it networked on Windows 7 and has been working like a charm! But one never knows when the good Doctor may be called upon to do his good works. Thanks for all you do in this forum.

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