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    Data Validation List Box (Excel 97 SR1)

    Hi all
    I've got a cell on a worksheet that has a validation list behind it which should only show when one clicks on the cell in question. However, when I click on the drop-dowm arrow that's on this cell I get a GPF

    Any ideas gratefully received?

    Nigel Bell, UK

    I've attached the sheet for you to see what I mean - look at cell I64
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    Re: Data Validation List Box (Excel 97 SR1)

    If your problem is Data Validation in Column P, the validation settings there appear to evaluate to an error. The Named source range does not exist. Perhaps if you recreate the source and then remove and reset the Data Validation for those cells.

    There seems to be an oddity with Cell I64, as a dropdown list is permantly displayed, yet if you enter the cell an additional dropdown appears. I did manage to get it to crash on that cell. I'd suggest deleting and replacing that row.

    Andrew C

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