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    Posts with Icons and Stars

    Some posts have icons, one looks like a paperclip, another looks like a lock. Other posts have 5 stars, including one of mine. What do these mean? I can't find anyplace in the forum that explains these. Thanks.

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    You mean threads actually, that is how topics are referred to. You said posts which are actually replies to topics and not what you are talking about. So you are talking about the appearance of threads in the forum lists, and the icons that appear next to thread titles.

    Just wanted to be clear about that for others reading, so everyone who may stumble over this thread understands exactly what you and I are talking about.

    Paperclip: This indicates there are attachments posted within the thread. If someone uploads a picture to the thread, or replies and attaches a file to the thread, the paperclip will appear to the right of the thread title. If you hover your mouse pointer over the paperclip, a message will appear telling you how many attachments are in the thread.

    Clock: This appears next to threads which have been moved to a more appropriate section by a moderator. If a redirect is left in the original section, the clock appears to indicate the redirect will expire and disappear - hovering over the clock will tell you how long until the redirect disappears.

    Stars: Stars appear to the right of the thread title if the thread has been rated by other members. At the top right when viewing a thread you can click "rate this thread". Once others do that (it may not appear until after a few ratings are made), the stars show up... If no one rates it, no stars appear.
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