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    Error meesage if Report Stops


    I have created a workbook that generates reports. When the program runs there can be 600 reports that are created. It takes anywhere from 7-8 hours to create all reports.

    I have noticed that sometimes during the run excel will freeze or stop, is there a way to build into the code that if the program freezes or stops any error message will appear to say the report number it stopped at.... example Message: Report stoped at Report 1111.


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    Clearly, if Excel is failing, you have to record things BEFORE the failure occurs as Excel cannot do anything afterwards.

    So, for instance, add something to your code which, each time a report is completed:

    1. Writes the report number into a particular cell.
    2. Saves the workbook.

    Then, when you re-open the workbook, you can see which reports were completed by examining the chosen cell.

    If you don't want to keep saving the whole workbook, create a new one and write to a cell in that - and again save it after every report, as above.

    Are the reports created IN the workbook ?

    If "yes", then saving it after each report is created will let you see which were created.

    If "no", then can you not look and see which have been created ?
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