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    How to scan a table in an editable form?

    Hi all,

    Anyone knowing how to scan a table NOT as a picture but in an editable form? Like, to be able to copy that into Excel, or Word? The software I use is Recognita 3.2 and the scanner is Umax Astra 610 S.


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    Re: How to scan a table in an editable form?

    Nenad: You will need OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software for the scanner. This software attempts to turn the scanned image into ASCII text. The success of this is dependant on a number of things like the resolution of the scanner, the quality of the document being scanned, the size and font of the text in the document. Under perfect conditions, you are likely to get a 98% correct scan. It has been a few years since I did any of this, so I don't know what software is available today. I would guess that there is a fairly good chance that the software came on the disk/CD that came with the scanner, but you may get a better conversion from software you pay separately for.
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    Re: How to scan a table in an editable form?


    Thanx for answering my question. I tried CuneiForm and it worked. It's not too big, it has support for my language, and everything.

    Thanx again & cheers,


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