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    OneNote 2007: unable to change print margins

    In Microsoft Office 2007, OneNote 2007, fully updated, I am trying to increase the print margin top from 0.5" to 1.1".

    Going to File>Page Setup opens a Page Setup pane on the right side. The default print margin top is 0.5". Changing the paper size from auto to letter allows access to the print margin top setting.

    I change 0.5" to 1.1", there's no place to save, so I click on the x to close the pane. Re-opening the pane shows the print margin top as 1.1". The page on the screen also shows a commensurate increased margin top.

    But when I print, the top still prints at 0.5". I've tried closing OneNote and re-opening it; same result, 0.5" top margin.

    I found nothing searching on the internet about this specific situation.

    Anybody have any thoughts? Thanks.

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    hmm, I can't reproduce the problem. I wonder, does it occur on a new page? Have you changed the margins first, then added the info to the page? Any other programs causing problems? I will keep an eye out.
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