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    Thumbs up Power button on Taskbar

    1st, credit for this goes to Don in another Forum.

    This is exactly like the Power button I told y'all about that went in the Sys Tray but, would not work on the RP. THIS WILL!! Only difference is it sits on the Taskbar & that's ok. Just great to have it @ one's immediate fingertips not, > Charmsbar > Settings.
    Needless to say, I'm using this. I asked twice that the Win8 Build Team do this... hope we see it in RTM.

    BTW, myself, I just used the (default) Power (button) icon, same as the Power button, lol. I did change the name to Power (instead of JumpControl.exe -Shortcut)


    No installation required for this one.
    Easy to configure, can be Pinned to Start Screen, Start Menu & Taskbar
    You can rename & change the Icon to your liking.

    Download the zip file from the link provided and follow the easy instructions;

    Download Link

    Just right click to expand (it) & get its menu..

    Hope you like this one. (as much as I do)
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