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    Exclamation Security issues concerning Firefox 13 "NewTab" feature

    Security concerns have been raised concerning Firefox 13.x's "New Tab" feature which like Google Chrome, displays a thumbnail of frequently visited sites instead of just a blank page as was the case in previous versions.

    It would appear though that the browser doesn't differentiate between secure and ordinary sites whereby screenshots of online banking sites may also appear as thumbnails.

    Although users can turn the feature off by clicking the icon in the top right hand corner, it won't prevent Firefox from recording screenshots. To permanently disable the feature necessitates making a change in the Firefox "about:config" menu, instructions as follows.

    1. In the location bar where you normally type a web address (URL), type: about:config and hit Enter.
    2. If you see the warning message, click, "OK, I promise I'll be careful" so that you can proceed with the next step.
    3. In the filter at the top, type: newtab
    4. You should be able to see three values which are shown in the first screenshot.
    5. Two of the values can be disabled simply by double clicking them to change the value from true to false.
    6. The third one which is a string needs to be amended to read about:blank instead of about:newtab Double clicking this value will give you a dialog box where you can make the change. The two middle screenshots show how this dialog box looks before and after the change.
    7. The bottom screenshot shows how all three values should look after the changes have been made.

    Default NewTab values


    Default string


    Amended string


    Amended values


    Mozilla indicated in an interview with The Register that the issue will be corrected in the next release, but this isn't scheduled to take place until 17 July.

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    You could also change the string value to "" instead of "about:blank". This gives you Google's search page which is useful
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