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    email are being received stripped of date, to, from and are in the text

    After working fine for almost a month after a major system restore and virus purge, I am now getting emails stripped of the header, but mostly email from yahoo, rocketmail and some emails are transferring to the computer when outlook is started and are going into the inbox, some to junk mail, without the to, from, subject and date in the email header and the message body contains the entire email in html code as text, and any attachments are stripped. When I check the webmail site prior to opening outlook, the messages are ok, but as soon as outlook receives them they are screwed up.

    I can forward the email from the service to a gmail account then forward it back and get the email as a forwarded ok, but attachments are stripped still.

    I was hit by a Trojan called Auleron.A (spelling) a month ago and got rid of the Microsoft Security Essentials my sister had and used Malwarebytes then McAfee to clear the machine and now have the new McAfee. Full scans still clean. I don't want to disable the email scan but wonder if that is what will be needed.

    I use:
    Windows XP Service pack 3
    Outlook 2003, set to not view as plain text
    McAfee's latest and greatest virus software

    As a Realtor my sister has to get the emails without all the hoops to jump through. Please has anyone else seen this or am I missing the problem?


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    Have you tried disabling your security software, or preventing it to scan the email, at least to see if it is the cause of your problems?

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    Why don't you configure Outlook to receive email in plain text? That way, it won't matter whether the mail is infected or not: it can only execute in HTML.

    See this Microsoft article for more info:

    Alternatively, download the free version of Mailwasher which allows you to read email straight off your ISP's email server without the need to download them to your own machine first:

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