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    Can I use T'bird on two different PCs and download the same messages?

    Can I use T'bird on two different PCs and download the same messages?

    I have been using T'bird for years on my XP desktop. Recently I upgraded to a Win7 laptop, but still use both PCs at different times (desktop in office and laptop I carry with me). I use three gmail accounts for different type emails.

    Is it possible to install t'bird on my laptop and have the email messages from all three accounts download to both PCs? I haven't tried, because I am concerned that once the messages are downloaded to t'bird on my desktop (for example), that the same messages would not download to my laptop when I booted it up later in the day.

    Your thoughts on how to make this happen (for a novice) would be appreciated. Bruce

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    Yes, it should be possible. That can be achieved by configuring Thunderbird to leave messages on the server. Check screen on step 6, here:

    ou can also check both or one of the two other options, to allow then only for a certain time and delete them if you delete them from any of the clients.

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