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    Question Windows 8 problem

    I have installed the latest available version on my HP notebook. I replaced the hard drive with a new drive so that I could return to Windows 7 (Ultimate) after playing with the new OS. My laptop has a jack for external audio output to my Bose Speakers. I can use this function with Windows 7 but Windows 8 does not recognize this audio output jack and uses only internal speakers. Is there a fix for this?

    Downloaded latest Real-tek drivers and am now in business!! Thanks to Ted Myers for suggestion!
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    It seems the audio section of Win 8 causes many problems, almost as many as Graphics Adapters. Are you talking about the plug that is commonly used for head phones among other things? I would try to acquire and install the Win 7 drivers for your sound adapter. There are times that the beta Win 8 default sound drivers do not work with all the various sound cards, for whatever reason. Look up the sound card in Device Manager then go to the manufacturer's web site to see about updated drivers.
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