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    HP Officejet Pro K5400 - ink expiration

    My black cartridge (88XL) is showing as expired with almost 75% of ink capacity still showing.According to, I can override this:Override—you can continue printing without replacing the ink cartridge, by following instructions on the printer, in the user manual, or in the ink cartridge expiration message on the computer screen.There are no instructions on the printer nor in the user manual and I do not get an "ink cartridge expiration message on the computer screen.I have spent the past 45 minutes exploring the web and the HP site and can find no instructions.Can someone help me please?David

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    Strange, ink expirations are rare indeed.
    As your link aludes to, check your printer's documentation carefully to confirm whether or not you will be able to overide.
    You might also try removing the cartridge, gently shake it, then reinstall it to see if the message persists, otherwise you may have to replace it with a new one.

    Ensure that you have all of the HP software installed, this may require going to the support site of your printer and confirming you actually are able to overide and how to do so.
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    This is another way that printer manufacturers are screwing you, I now use third party ink carts.

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