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    What is it with Cisco?

    Today I was finishing up my new office networking project; up first a Cisco wireless access point.

    I open the box and the very minimal paperwork that came with it talks about a wireless access controler

    I need a stand alone access point not one that needs a controller.

    So I call Cisco, with what I thought, was a simple question. Does or does not this access point need a controller.

    FOUR hours later with many phone calls, registering on the Cisco web site for support, escalations up the chain for help I have my answer. It is indeed a stand alone access point.

    The company that I was/am installing this for bought it from newegg, who in turn bought it from a distributer, who in turn bought it from Cisco.

    I was told by Cisco that the warrenty starts when it is first sold (in this case to the distributer) and would not help me in any way whatsoever unless I purchased a service agreement/plan.

    As of right now the company is left with a Cisco wireless access point that can't be used (it is password protected). Mid way though my conversation with Cisco one of the principals of the company went to Best Buy and bought two consumer level access point that will be used while this business passes in review by the state before it can open for business (July 6th).

    In spite of all this I have convinced the owners to let me find out hte possword for the Csico access point to see if I can make it work. If I am unsuccessful in gaining access then the company will never again by Cisco due to the above stated problem(s).

    How can I find out the default password to a Cisco AIR-AP1041N-A-K9 access point?

    Thank you

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    I wonder if this Getting Started Guide may help.
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    It's important to first separate Cisco consumer products (aka Linksys) and their commercial/professional products. The product which you purchased is designed to be setup by someone who has experience with Cisco equipment. This is pretty much the standard with Cisco and it's not going to change anytime soon.

    I bought the same model for a client from MicroAge, the reseller. When I had issues, I went to MicroAge -- but they would only assist with particular initial questions; I didn't pay for them to set it up. Buying it from online resellers is a problem if you don't know how to configure Cisco equipment.

    The company owner made a mistake by purchasing consumer-level product. Consumer APs have power supplies which fail at high rates and their radios are not good quality. The Cisco you purchased will run and run....

    If you connect the Cisco AP to a network that has DHCP, then the green light will flash and it'll stay solid once it has a DHCP address. Then you'll need to use Angry IP Scanner or look at the DHCP server to find the MAC address of the AP so you'll know what IP address is assigned to it. Once you get the IP, then you can use the web-interface.

    As far as the password, I searched online for "1041 AP Default Password" and got lots of hits. The User ID and Password are both "Cisco" (or technically, "cisco" & "Cisco").

    Of course, you've long since forgotten about this post, but there's your answer.

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