Running OL2003 and OL2010 (connected to Exchange Server 2010) on multiple computers. Each computer is running at a totally different resolution and screen size.

The layout that works for one computer is horrible for another. The layouts are syncing across Exchange. If I change the layout of several folders so I can read them while working on one computer I have to change them back on the other when working on that one.

Not only do the actual folder layouts sync, but the layout template also syncs. This is creating a big problem and mess especially with the built in layouts (message, single, compact) that use different fonts for OL2003 and OL2010. If change the font in the template, I get inconsistent results. Sometimes the font syncs to the other computers, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes one template font reverts back to original size and font but not others.

It is just maddening to spend a lot of time arranging things so they are viewing correctly, then spend a lot of time doing it on another computer, just to come back to the first and it is all messed up again.

Just between my Office, home and laptop computer that I use interchangeably throughout the day I spend endless time playing with views on the stupid folders just so I can read and organize the content.

There has to be a better way to deal with this. A policy or setting to prevent syncing layouts so I can set it up once for each computer and it sticks.