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    filling a form from data in separate worksheet Excel 2003

    I searched the forum and can't find anything similar to what I would like to do.

    A co-worker is charged with sending out a cover letter advising that documents need to be updated to the different document owners. When I saw what she was going through I offered to attempt an easier solution. I am in over my head.

    On the attached spreadsheet you will see three tabs. "Numbering", "2012 updates" and "Cover Letter". What needs to happen is, the yellow boxes on the "Cover Letter" sheet need to be populated with the corresponding data from the "Numbering" sheet. She will then be able to print the Cover Letter page and send it to the document owner for them to do their thing.

    My idea was, that she be able to select a row and click a button and the data would be updated.

    Ideally, it would be nice if she could addee the document owner's email address to the "Numbering" worksheet and then have the Cover Letter emailed to the document owner. Thus saving more time and trees. Additionally, if there would be a way for Excel to alert her that there are documents that have reached their update "time" wow, could that be nice. But, at this point, I would be pleased and so would she to just have the cover letter populated for printing.

    If anyone knows of a better way to do this e.g. send data to Word or Outlook, etc. I'm all for that too.


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    What you probably should do is to transfer you table & text to a Word document, where you then use Word's mailmerge tools with the appropriate Excel worksheet at the data source. Add the appropriate mergefields to the Word document and you'll be in business. Word can even do a mailmerge to email.

    Paul Edstein
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