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    Avoiding Serial Tweaking of MS Office 2010

    Dear Lounge,

    I've recently started with a new company whose IT policy involves not having roaming profiles. Unfortunately, for us IT Support folk, it also involves hot-desking in three different locations with no guarantee of using the same PC from one shift to the next. This makes configuring MS Office 2010 a pain in the proverbial... No sooner have you got the apps working sweetly on today's machine - with favourites pinned to the 'Recent' menu, ribbon configs settled and quickstart icons in place - than you're bumped onto another PC that you've never used before and have to start again from scratch.

    I know that, given (a lot of) time, I'll eventually have sat at all of the available machines and my config will be available whichever one I use, (desktops, all). I'm too impatient for that, however. To be functional, I want to use Office, not play around configuring it. I also want any changes to 'my' config to be easily applicable to any of the machines I find myself using.

    What I'm hoping for is a way to save or export my customisations so I can keep the output file on the network drive (accessible from wherever I log in), and quickly apply them if I sit at a new machine. I don't want to use the full 'Files & Settings Transfer Wizard', as when deploying Windows to a new machine. There's to much overkill ivolved in that. I'd like merely to save and easily propagate my customisations of Office, on an app by app basis, (some will change more frequently than others, simply because I use them more).

    I think this was possible in earlier versions of Office but I haven't been using 2010 for long enough to know.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    Many thanks.


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    Is this what your looking for?
    Import an Office 2010 Setup customization file
    In Microsoft Office 2010, you can import an Office Customization Tool (OCT) Setup customization file (.msp file). This is a new feature in Office 2010.
    To learn how to import an OCT .msp file in Office 2010, follow the instructions that are provided in this article.

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