I am deploying Office 2010 to the users in my network. I'm trying to set it up so that when new users log on, their Outlook profiles are automatically created, using their AD credentials. (Rather than have me walk each individual user how to do this manually.)

I have tried using a "setup.msp" file that I created with OCT, which should run when I install Outlook. I cannot seem to find the option in OCT to get this functionality.

I'm also getting hints that this might work better through a General Policy Object. I have found a couple of ideas online that didn't work, along with a few stunningly unhelpful MS Technet articles.

So far:
I have downloaded a file of ASPX files, which I was directed to install in my domain controller's SYSVOL folder, which I did. After doing that, though, I'm still not seeing anything in my Group Policy Managment Editor that helps.

So I'm either missing something small, or I am totally out in left field. Anyone have any idea to do this?