Hi all,

Can someone please help me. I'm writing a VB5 app (stop laughing) that connects to an Access 97 database (stop laughing again) using a DAO control with the following properties:

Connect = "Access"
DefaultType = 2 'UseODBC
Exclusive = 0 'False
Options = 0
ReadOnly = 0 'False
RecordsetType = 1 'Dynaset

(My app sets the DatabaseName and RecordSource properties at runtime.)

When the database doesn't have a password, it works perfectly. But when I give the database a password (e.g. "OpenSesame") and change the Connect string to "Access;pwd=OpenSesame", I get this error: "Couldn't find installable ISAM." How do I get around this? I would appreciate anyone's input.

Many thanks.