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    Black Screen with mouse cursor

    My Dell XPS 9000 went wacko the other day. When switching users, the screen went black never to be seen again.
    When rebooting, the power light is amber for several seconds then turns white. The hard drive seems to spin quite a bit, for several minutes before slowing. At some point in the boot process, there is a 'black color shift' noticeable on the screen and the mouse cursor appears and moves with the mouse. During the boot process there is nothing on the screen and hasn't been for a while.

    Once during a boot, I got 5 beeps musically moving up and down followed by 3 sets of 2 beeps.
    I can access my hard drive through a networked PC so the hard rive appears to work.

    I opened the PC and re-seated everything and made sure all connectors were tight. Same result. I've thought about removing the graphics card but am not sure if the PC would default to the onboard graphics.

    Dell XPS 9000, Win 7 Home, NVidia GT 220

    Any thoughts on this whole mess?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dmspen View Post
    My Dell XPS 9000 went wacko the other day.

    Dell XPS 9000, Win 7 Home, NVidia GT 220

    Any thoughts on this whole mess?
    Hello.... have a read here Beep Codes...Is the problem still there after the PC cools down, and you try to re-boot? Regards Fred

    PS: If you added the graphics card (aftermarket) and removed it..... your PC would revert to the "Native" on board graphics... Screen resolution might be wrong though.

    PPS: Did you "Update" your Nvidia graphics before the problem?
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