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    Questions about hosted email experiences

    Two questions, following a very brief explanation of why I'm asking.

    Situation: I have my personal and business domains hosted by a major provider (staying generic here, so as not to influence any discussion). The personal domain is so that I don't have to update my email address in hundreds of profiles every time I change ISPs. From the company side of things, it's a one-person small business with a website and email, nothing more (at least not yet). Neither can afford the price for dedicated hosting (and even if the cost were reasonable it seems like a waste of resources), and I don't and won't do web-only systems.

    Problem: I'm really getting tired of my emails not being delivered because someone else on the same shared host is a spammer. This is done by spam checkers that are looking only at IP addresses and don't want to consider that the same IP address may be shared by many users.

    Question 1, for anyone using hosted email: have you had either an extreme lack or a plethora of similar problems? Mine seem to go in cycles, but in can take several days to get them resolved. In the meantime, I can't send email, which is a major problem for business.

    Question 2, for anyone familiar with any such development: is anyone working on a better method of spam catching? It seems to me that using only an IP address is pretty short-sighted; I'd venture a guess that most small business are on shared hosts and have no control over who else has the same IP address for outgoing mail.

    Any general discussion of this problem is also welcome!

    (I should add that the biggest problems as far as recipients go are some of the largest user bases: Comcast and AOL.)
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