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    3.5 floppy duplication

    I am a mac person. I have a PC 3.5 disk that I need to duplicate. I had an old PC with a copy of North Beach Labs DiskDuplicator v1.5 It would be a real problem to get the old system up and running again. I also have a pc notebook, a usb 3.5 floppy drive, the empty packaging the DDV1.5 came in.
    1) can DiskDuplicator run under windows 7?
    2) Where can I get a new program disk For Disk Duplicator? North Beach Labs is apparently out of business
    3) Anu other way to make exact copies of a diskette under windows 7? I am not very PC literate.

    North Beach Labs Disk Duplicator would read a 3.5 and make a disk image and store it on the hard drive. you enter the number of copies you need and put in blank disks. It reformat the disk if you ask it. prints a disck from the disk image, verifies the disk and ejects it. It keeps track of how many copies you mad and how many more you need. It writes an exact copy of you can do any disk including start up disks.

    Please e-mail me at

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    In Windows 7 you can use the diskcopy command to do one off copies.

    C:\Users\Ian>diskcopy /?
    Copies the contents of one floppy disk to another.
    DISKCOPY [drive1: [drive2:]] [/V]
      /V   Verifies that the information is copied correctly.
    The two floppy disks must be the same type.
    You may specify the same drive for drive1 and drive2.

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