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    Disaster ? Not really.

    I turned my Toshiba laptop ON this morning and it was a complete disaster. I was able to get to Gmail but it said that it needed Active-X to display the normal screen and gave a path to activate it. I followed the instructions and clicked on the seeked prompt but nothing happened. I then went to Windows Updates and it would not connect to it.

    Ah ! I went to Restore but it said that the Restore function on this machine was not activated. Ah ! again.

    I did not waste any time investigating this queer situation, I got my Acronis CD loaded and cloned the machine back to 5 days ago. Runs fine in 14 minutes. Great cloning app, I will never be without it.

    What could have taken place was my access to a site where I was prompted to D/L a small programme to enable the reading of some .pdf manual. It did not work out so I went to Add/Remove and got rid of it. Was it bogus ? I will never know. If anybody is interested, I could chase back those steps and quote here the name of the stuff.

    Would a virus disable Restore ? Would a virus undo Active-X ? Would it also stop access to the WU site ? I had tried many ways to get to it, it never would connect.

    Just a FWIW and a plea to all to get and use a cloning application. I use Acronis but others are available and some are free. A word to the wise.

    You all be good.

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    I think somehow some malware got in. That message you got may have been a spoof. Yes a virus or malware can disable all sorts of things. In fact not being able to download updates is one of the hallmarks of these nasties.

    Going back to a good Image was a wise choice. People often say I Image too often, but you know if I make a new image after I make a change on my PC, then I know I can get back to where I was quickly. Once I restore to my Up To Date Image, I have no other updates to make. This is a wonderful thing.

    Good for you having a way to restore to an earlier date!
    Have a Great Day! Ted

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    @handcuff - Fortunate you had the backup,

    There are a lot of these traps around - be wary of pages with multiple download buttons.

    Look at what the browser displays when you hover your mouse over a link, make sure its what you would expect to see

    One way to protect yourself is to use a Sandbox, Lincoln Specter wrote about Sandboxes in the April 5th Newsletter

    If you're inclined, you can report the site to the following and they will check it out and if it is bad then they'll put in the badsite lists.

    Google ===>>>
    Microsoft ===>>> https://feedback.smartscreen.microso.../feedback.aspx
    BadwareBusters ===>>>>

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