Hi to all,

Could anyone help me with an explanation of some of the functions of the Media Center?
I am using Win 7 64 bit and a Hauppauge Tuner with a Comcast CableCard and Media Center’s Guide to locate TV I wish to record.
It is working as advertised (?) but I have a few questions to customize it for my use.

When I use the ‘Guide’ to record a TV program can I designate a specific file location for the program to record to or am I stuck with ‘Recorded TV’ on whatever drive I designate? For example, can I have the recording go to ‘N:\Graphics Guy TV’ instead of ‘N:\Recorded TV?

In N:\Recorded TV, that I imagine Media Center installed, I have a folder ‘TempRec’ that properties indicates is a hidden file folder that is 3.89GB but when I click on it indicates ‘This folder is empty’. Is this folder required? Can this folder be removed, or is it a designated holding area for recordings?
I tried to remove it but received the message: ‘You need to provide Administrator permission to remove this folder’. I am the only user of this computer and thought that I was the designated Administrator, but evidently this folder needs something else in order for me to remove it, so I figured I had better leave it alone.

Thanks for any help received. Respectfully, Graphics Guy