We have recently been merged with another company are we are in the enviable position (!) of working within an environment where the two domains (co1 and Co2)have been trusted, but we are still on two exchange environments. Ie all the staff from one firm are on one exchange server registered to one domain(co1) and the other set of staff from the other firm are on a separate exchange cluster registered to a completely different domain(co2).

We are having some difficulty with meeting requests...

Troublesome scenario: I have a user from Co1, whose secretary has sent a meeting request on behalf of her person that has been sent to two people - one from co1 and the other from co2. The person from co1 can accept the meeting request, but the person from co2 is returned an error when he tries to accept the request "The operation cannot be performed bacuse the object has been deleted".

I am with co2 and have been able to send the same recipient a meeting request and he has been able to successfully accept it, suggesting that his Outlook functions are fine. My guess is that he is unable to accept the other meeting request as his outlook is unable to 'see' the co1 details - is this the case and if so is there any way round this?