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    Access 2010_Append single-page report to a multi-page report then to PDF

    Hi All, We have a form that contains a long list of records. The form allows us to select either individual records or many records based on our requirements. Once the records are selected, we click a button to generate reports for these selected records. The reports are then output to PDF files with generated filenames automatically. The PDF reports may or may not single-paged. The PDF files are then posted to an Intranet website for manufacturing. Now, however, we're being asked to append a new page to each report, and we have hundreds of PDFs to update. I'd like a way to add this new "page" perhaps as a separate unbounded report when outputting to PDF. I do not want any of the header/footer info from the original report added to the appended page. I tried to create a third report which included the original multi-page report and the new single-page report as sub-reports, but the formatting is not working out well. Also, I'm not sure how to pass the selected record set to the new (third) report. One other item worth mentioning is that the new sheet we're being asked to append to all our reports is in landscape format. It's a static page that is independent of any records in the database. So, I was wondering if we could merely use VBA code to somehow append the new form as a PDF onto our existing reports when we're outputting them to PDF. I hope that makes sense. Drew

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    I don't think you can do this from Access, at least not easily. You'd have to do what you tried to do (a subreport in the report footer), but somehow suppress the other page formatting (page headers, etc.).

    I believe a better solution is to find a 3rd party utility that allows you to combine PDF files (I think I've seen one out there before). You can then create each of your PDF's in Access, then execute a command line that would combine them.
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