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    Version control in a document

    Hello good people,

    Thanks mainly to Kim, I now have a document with some version control in it.

    When created, the doc shows a userform with Title, Subject, Version and Change description.
    The user changes the information, clicks OK and the system will open a SaveAs dialog.

    The user selects the location and file name. The system appends "Version" and the version number to the file name and saves.

    The next time the user wants to save the doc, a msgbox opens asking if a new Version is needed. If No, the doc is simply saved. If yes, the userform is opened again, user can change the version number and description.
    In the document there is a Changes table. This table is updated with the current info and timestamped.

    The document is then saved as a new document with the new version number in the file name.

    OK, I will grant you, nothing Wow! about it, but for me it was a great joy to do, because:
    • I needed the functionality
    • I had never programmed in VBA
    • I loved the help I have received
    • I really enjoyed the challenge

    Anyway, I have attached the file to the post, used it as much as you want.

    Kind regards

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