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    Page Number to Exclude Count for Title page and TOC

    I distribute a large Excel workbook with about 50 worksheets plus one sheet each for the Title and Table of Contents which in total prints on 83 pages. I have set Header/Footer |Custom Footer |Right Section to Page &[Page] of &[Pages] on all sheets except the Title and TOC. The first sheet I want pagination to appear on is set to One for Page Setup First |Page Number and Auto for all the rest. As a result of these settings, the last printed and numbered page is 81 of 83 (should be 81 of 81).

    I tried "Page &[Page] of &[Pages]-2" (without the quotes) in a test file but that seems to just tack on the 2 two whatever page number has been calculated.

    What is the solution that does not require manually editing the Header/Footer settings for each of the 50 or so worksheets each time I add or delete a worksheet?
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    In cases like this, I've always manually added the total number of pages. I'll be interested if there is a non-vba solution.
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