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    Replacing Motherboard

    I need to know what is all involved in replacing a different manufactured motherboard on a system already running Windows 7 Pro OEM. I will be upgrading the board this is not a board failure.

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    From a Win 7 standpoint you most likely will need to call MS to activate your OEM Key. MS has an article explaining the procedure. A replacement MB falls under the major change category which requires this.

    From a H/W standpoint you will have to check on CPU, RAM and various other H/W compatibility to the new MB. Your post does not mention whether you are asking just about the Win 7 ramifications or both S/W and H/W ramifications.
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    Best to back up all your data and program keys then do a complete re-install. Ted also gives a good link but usually (at least for XP; been a while since I installed systems since my layoff over 2 years ago and at that time only installed Vista (no re-installs and only a few times at that; most clients wanted XP since Win7 was way too new at that time and too many got burned with Vista)) the OS will give you options on how to activate the license. I plan on doing this myself within the next 2 years (money's tight now that I'm doing PC related contract work). My next system will be a dual hard-drive (main OS will use a SSD and the other will either be my 500G HD or might even splurge for a Terabyte or 2 (for data storage purposes). If memory's cheap enough, I want 16Gs of RAM too. Should get be through 8 years then (current systems 5 years old; upgraded from XP to Win7 and upgraded RAM to 6Gs from 2Gs).

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    I would be most conserned with whether MS would accept that copy of OEM Windows 7 you'll want to transfer over to the new board once you have it setup.
    Calling MS upon activation, or failed activation, as Ted says, would be your best bet. To be on the safe side, factor in the cost of a new OS disk to go with that MB, as it will no longer be an OEM computer...unless you purchased that MB from the computer's manufacturer with their advice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthToAlaska View Post
    I need to know what is all involved in replacing a different manufactured motherboard on a system already running Windows 7 Pro OEM. I will be upgrading the board this is not a board failure.
    Hello... There are several choices to be made besides the "Activation " issue...let me give you a few...

    1. Along with the "MOBO" (motherboard) you're going to have to choose a CPU for it , there are issues with Intel vs AMD and what OS\ MOBO you choose...(some new Intel's don't support Vista) on and on 4 core 6 core 8 core...etc.

    2. Do you want to overclock? some MOBO's are built for gamers ( pin's in face optional) Others for server's, general use etc.

    3. Some MOBO's Have "Mil-Spec" components with a 5 year warranty ...others no

    4. How's your budget? some MOBO's can cost almost $500 USD... CPU's are also all over the map

    5. RAM and how much do you need? If you're going with a 32 bit OS no big deal (4GB) a 64 bit OS depends on the MOBO and the limit for the board....again how 's your budget ..

    6. How about MOBO "Form Factor" ATX, mATX, uATX.. What can you fit in your tower, Or what is it setup for?

    7. How about VGA card... do you want a seperate graphics card or stick with an "On Board"?

    I could go on ...But you have to do your own research and make decisions based on your preferences...And what is it that you want to do.

    A good place to start is NewEgg ...take you're time, watch the "you tube's"... and RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH! Most important the customer reviews ...and take them into consideration Regards Fred
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