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Thread: Update Problem

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    Update Problem

    I have done every thing recommended and I still can't get up-date to work. I have been asked what error code I get. I don't get any error codes. All I get is x number downloaded X number installed and then it just says failed. I have SP3 and have had it for ever. The other day I made a copy of the updates and did a google search and installed all of the updatees except 2.
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    Have you tried this?

    Using the Internet Explorer browser, go to and go through the manual updates process. At some point, the procedure will check to see if your updates mechanisms on your local computer are up to date and working properly. If not, new updater components will be downloaded and installed, or advice will appear which may offer further clues as to what's going wrong.

    In Windows XP on my older laptop, I usually go through Microsoft Security Essentials, and use a Firefox Tab with the IETab Extension to get my updates. But the best way is through IE itself, directly.
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