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    Angry Win7/XP homegroup file access problem

    I really, really hate Windows 7. But, I have to use it to run some stuff that won't work on XP.

    I just set up a Win7 box and attached it to my local network using the workgroup name I set up with my XP box several years ago. The Win7 can find the other box on the network, and it will list the folders on the drives. I can even suck in some videos over the connection and play them on the Win7 box. But when I try to open up the most of the folders to see the contents, I get 'access denied' telling me I don't have permission and to contact my administrator. As a result, I can't transfer any of my installation files from download directories, etc.

    I've gone through the usual steps of making sure all drives and folders on the XP box are 'shared', etc., but can't figure out how to make 7 behave properly. I want things set so that I have full admin access to ALL files on BOTH boxes, from either box. Can somebody tell me how to do that?

    Did I mention I hate Windows 7?

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    First, Homegroup can only be used between Win 7 to Win 7 PC's. It will not work in XP. Be sure the same password is used in both Win XP and Win 7. Go through the Advanced Sharing in Win 7 (search, advanced sharing) and set this up for all necessary items.

    I found that in some cases I have to set sharing on all the folders I wish to share. Right Click, properties and set sharing properties. I cannot explain why because I am not a networking guy, but that's what I had to do.
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