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    Outlook 2003 message that reaches recipient isn't the same as the one sent!

    I am sending a worksheet from Excel 2003. Not as an attachment but in the message body. In Excel File>Send To>Mail Recipient. The new message box pops up, all looks well, I add the recipient and click Send.

    The attached jpg shows what I send and what they receive.

    Why is this happening?
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    My name is Deepa and I work for the Social Media and Community Team at Dell. First of all, please check with the mail recipient what version of Office is he/she using. It can be a different version like Office 2007 or 2010. In that case there can be an issue with the formatting. You can try one another step to send it that is first save this file on your desktop and then send it by attaching it in your email that is through attachments.

    For further help please reply.

    Thanks and Regards
    Dell Social Media Responder

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