Word2k on Win2k workstation & server. All "users" have the same WS rights through the use of GPO --

[img]/w3timages/icons/mad.gif[/img]Issue: We have a user who is consistently receiving the following error when attempting to run one of our customized wizards.

<pre>The wizard cannot continue because an error has occurred (0)</pre>

[img]/w3timages/icons/smile.gif[/img]Background: Wizard and supporting template created in 95/7.0 and ported to 2K. Reviewed, modified as necessary and has been running mostly smoothly for almost a year with hundreds of users. Wizard is series of Userforms to gather data, with a call to the template (bookmarks/styles/formfields) and a text-based names list. Data is inserted in appropriate areas, yada yada yada....

[img]/w3timages/icons/shy.gif[/img]Fix: In Word, verify that compatibility is set to Word 2000 and not Custom.
[img]/w3timages/icons/shy.gif[/img]Alternate Fix Delete C:WINNTWordwiz.ini

[img]/w3timages/icons/hairy.gif[/img]Although we've seen the error before, hence the known fix (and alternate fix) -- this user is receiving the error multiple times daily and utilizing the alternate fix. All firm templates have been checked and compatibility is set to 2k.

Any ideas?