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    been using for about 8 years now and they have great service. just my two-cent post

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    Quote Originally Posted by lhite View Post
    can you expand on exactly how you have configured SpamAssassin to make it that accurate? with my current host, the configuration options i have are rather limited. i can alter the "required score", but in my experience that creates more problems than it solves (i use the default value of 5). now i can also modify the scoring system by assigning specific values to specific tests, and i've looked at that some -- but from the analysis i've done, that might be able to catch an additional 10-15% of the spam, which is not near enough to make SA worthwhile. and of course any solution that requires continual monitoring to adjust the rules is pretty much a non-solution as far as i'm concerned. i'm looking for a system that is a one-time setup with no ongoing monitoring (be it rules or white lists or black lists) that is 95%+ effective. i just don't see how SA meets those criteria.
    I'd be filling up a lot of space here if I put everything in. I lowered the number on my SpamAssassin to 3 and then I went about with the obvious things and put them in there for SPAM notation. I also put the customers that matter the most in my whitelist so they dont get caught up. Next, I only used the option to tag the incoming spam identified message with the word SPAM in the header until I was sure I was right AND I redirected anything with that tag in the subject name to another account so I could check things out there. Eventually I had it right by tweaking so I changed it to auto delete spam and I havent had a problem since. Oh sure I get a few spams through in any one day but SpamAssassin eventually recognises them.

    You need to want to get rid of it badly enough to do all that for yourself. If you dont feel that need then there is only a half hearted way of doing it. My way, I went in boots and all. Obviously things you need to do are put words that keep reappearing in for filtering out such as viagra and variants of that word but it all works in the end that way.

    Small tip - dont bother bouncing emails back to anyone. It is amusing to think they get the spam back but they never do. Quite simply, a well versed spammer keeps sending to variants of email addresses in what is similar to a dictionary attack to your server. Eg, and then 1a then 1b and on and on it goes. For every single attempt to connect and deliver, your server sends out a NACK for "negative response" if the email address doesnt exist or an ACK for "email address exists". All the spammer, who just tries to connect and not deliver when probing then does is have the NACK dropped and only the ACK in a list and there is his list of email addresses available for him at your domain. A very old trick from last century that still holds true today unfortunately, for POP addresses not controlled by something like small business servers or better (where email addresses are hosted at the premises on the server and not hosted outside the premises). Reminds me of the old days when you could just do a WHOIS on any ISP address. Before they started to wake up to it, that provided the person querying with a list of users online at that ISP. Not sure what use that was to most people but I used to like immediately emailing my brother and saying "I see you are just online NOW! Good! Been waiting for you!" to annoy the heck out of him. He never realised how easy it was to do before the ISPs started to tighten things. ;-}

    Oh yeah......been online for about 23 years now roughly. Not long as far as some people are concerned but I remember reading each character individually as it came across the screen in the slow old dial up days! ;-}

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