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    HP LaserJet M601 with lots of problems

    You think you have problems? Here's a printer with a multitude of problems.

    I'm using an HP desktop that's less than a year old with Windows 7 64-bit. The LaserJet M601 printer is two months old and is using the Universal Postscript Driver. I bought this as a replacement for a printer almost exactly like it, namely the LaserJet P4014, which ran without issues for 2 years.

    Here's the problem list for the M601:

    1. If you run out of paper in the number 2 tray, refill with more paper, close the tray, nothing happens. It just says "processing copy __ of __." You have to shut down the printer and start over.

    2. On the previous P4014 printer, if you wanted to pause printing, just hit the orange colored button (an X with a circle around it). It doesn't work that way on the M601. You have to shut down the printer and reboot. You can't pause the printing.

    3. Here's how it prints 300 copies of an office form:
    Print the form in MS Word and it will print one copy, stop for 3 seconds, print 6, stop for 3 seconds, print 1, stop for 3 seconds, print 6, stop for 3 seconds. You get the idea. It continues through the whole run that way. Now, let's try converting the same form to a PDF file, print from Adobe Reader, and see what happens. Now the pattern for printing is print 4, stop for 3 seconds, print 3, stop for 3 seconds, print 4, stop for 3 seconds, print 3, and so on. So the pattern, depending on the file extension, is 1, 6, 1, 6, 1, 6 or 4, 3, 4, 3, 4. Nice, sloooow printing.

    4. All of a sudden a week ago in the lower right hand corner near the on/off button, with each copy there is a semi-loud clicking noise coming from that area. So it goes like this: it picks up a piece of paper, makes a click sound, picks up paper, click sound, and so on.

    5. Two weeks ago the printer stopped working because of a 49.38.04 error. After an hour of following the printer's directions (turn power off, then on), that error disappeared.

    So there you have it. An HP printer with lots of issues!

    Any help is appreciated.

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    I would start by uninstalling the printer S/W and driver completely, then start over. If you still have a problem then it sounds like the printer might be defective and you should return it where you got it.
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