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    Office will not open files, says they're encrypted or read only

    My wife was using Word 2003 on her Spanish homework. She tried to save her work and was informed that "" needed to be saved but, being open, it would not save. Now neither word nor excel will open any files. A messagebox says they are "read-only" or encrypted.

    Following another "normal" problem thread, I did find her entire user folder marked "read only" and removed that flag.

    I have repaired word and also re-installed office 2003 from the source disk and the problems remain. I have not yet removed office before the re-install.

    Win 7 home 64 bit.
    Dan Lynch
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    Have you looked at the permissions on the files? It may be that some inadvertent security setup change left her or you as not having permissions to open or change the files or the directory.

    Also, does this happen when you open the files from within Word AND when you try to open them by right clicking?

    - Jessica

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