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    Cannot access router setup page

    I cannot access my TP-Link router's setup page from my desktop running Win 7 home Premium 64 bit and a wired connection. Access to setup from 2 wifi connected PCs works fine, desktop is connected to internet thru LAN cable. I can ping the router from the desktop but trying to connect thru IE, FireFox or Chrome times out. Trying thru Google, which works on the laptops, gets Google search results.

    I'm pretty sure that somewhere I've mis-set some switch or other, but where?


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    Trying thru Google, which works on the laptops, gets Google search results.
    That's the key piece of info. It means your http request to the router is being redirected to Google.

    What are your typing in the address bar (not the search bar). I assume an address like or similar? Is there a chance you are typing www. This will attempt to connect an external website at that address, but will fail (and in Chrome, will result in a Google lookup being returned).

    If you are just entering the IP address and no www prefix, open a command prompt on the affected machine and run ipconfig /all and compare withe the same command on a working machine. Look for differences in the DNS setup. Next, run nslookup [router host name] on the affected machine and verify that DNS is running correctly.

    Verify the network DNS settings in the network adapter (Network Sharing Centre>Change Adapter Settings>LAN Adapter>Properties>TCP/IPv4). Cross check them against the good machines.

    Verify that nothing has corrupted the Hosts file located at C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\. The file shold not have been altered since installation (unless adjusted by you) and it should only contain examples of entries not real re-directions.
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