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    Exclamation Remove triple boot and install only one OS


    I have a triple boot PC: Linux, Windows 98, Windows XP. Now, I want to get rid of all the 3 operating systems. And, install only one OS, either Windows vista or windows 7.

    How do I do this myself?
    What about all my data in hard disk ? I have movies, songs, games, etc.
    Will I have to take a back up of my hard disk first?

    Please guide me.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ewart84 View Post

    I have a triple boot PC: Linux, Windows 98, Windows XP. Now, I want to get rid of all the 3 operating systems. And, install only one OS, either Windows vista or windows 7.
    Hello...It's always a good idea to do a backup ( full OS Image) before you do anything ...A good place to start would be to have a read Windows XP to 7 this will answer some of your questions ...On another note you should also have a look at your hardware ... Hard Disk age, How much RAM is installed , is your power supply OK ... To help you answer these questions post back as there are free programs that can help test thing's out. Not sure but i think that you can only Upgrade to Vista from XP. To go to 7 you have to purchase an original 7 disk (not upgrade ) Regards Fred
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    Ewart, Welcome to the Lounge.

    One thing you have to realize, when you delete the Linux partition it will likely screw up the MBR as well. The Grub bootloader takes over for the Windows MBR when installed. You likely will either have to insert the XP installation media and go to the Repair console to be able to boot to XP, or install Win 7 in the first partition. In this scenario boot to XP, Open Disk Manager (as shown below) and delete all other partitions. When you do you will have to insert the XP installation or repair disk and fix the Windows MBR.

    Which OS was installed first? I would think Win 98. If so this OS is in the 1st partition. How big is this partition? If it is large enough you could install Win 7 directly to this partition, then boot to Win 7 and use Disk Manager to delete the other partitions. Once the other 3 partitions are deleted (Linus actually creates 2 partitions when you install it), that will leave unallocated space. If you indeed installed Win 7 into the first partition, you can use Disk Manager to reclaim the unallocated space quite easily. Install Win 7, boot to it, type disk management in search, open the Disk Manager and delete the remaining partitions. Windows Disk Manager cannot see the Linux partitions (If I remember correctly they show as unallocated already, but do need to be formatted). Point to those areas and choose Format.

    It appears Win 7 HP can fit in a 12 GB partition although 20 GB is better, depending on the version you install. If the first partition is at least this size it should work. If smaller you will need to increase this space to accommodate Win 7.
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