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    Fred's Favorite Screen Capture/Annotation utility

    What was the name of the screen capture program that Fred Langa discussed in his column 10-18 months ago? I cannot find it after googling for at least an hour. If I remember correctly it was completely free (might even be a windows component), but he also showed how he can annotate the captured graphic with rectangles, arrows and maybe text too.

    Fred wrote that he uses this utility for all of his windows discussion in his column, i.e., whenever a visual explanation is called for. Every screen cap program I have tried (about a dozen) is way, way too complicated, or else it is simplistic, but then it has no facility to do any annotating. I'm looking for something in the middle. Any help is appreciated.

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    Welcome to the lounge as a new poster.

    That would be the 12/1/2011 issue of the news letter. He talks about the builtin Win 7 Clipping Tool and using the builtin Paint program if you need to do more than basic annotation.
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    I use Prt Sc and Paint for most of my screen shots to the Lounge and Win 8 forum. Paint has all the basic functions I need. I could easily use the Snipping Tool, but it takes a little longer to open.
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    Have you looked at PrintScreen by Gadwin Systems? I used the freeware version for a few months, liked it so purchased the Pro version. Can be downloaded from here;

    ..if you haven't tried it yet.. Both the Freeware and 30 day trial of the Professional version can be downloaded using the above link.

    Provides a stack of useful options when you need more power than Windows 7's built in clipping tool and (for me at least) is a very intuative and easy tool to learn to use. Has worked great for me in both XP and Windows 7.


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    Several years ago now, my friend and Software Guru "The Geek" turned me on to a FREE graphics program called "Photo Filtre".
    (yes, I spelled it's French)

    With a shortcut to Photo Filtre in the Quick Launch toolbar, I can grab a screen with the Prt Scrn key, then pop open PF and in the open window "Paste as a new Image" what I just copied to the clipboard with the Prt Scrn key.
    I can then crop the image, change size, add or subtract brighness or contrast or color, add text, etc. till I finally have the image I want to save. I won't set up a new PC today without "Photo Filtre". I've shared it with several Photographer friends of mine and they mostly Love it.

    Did I mention it's FREE?

    If you want it, but have trouble finding it, drop me a PM and I'll give you a download link for it.

    Cheers Mates!
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