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    Question Windows Mail won't attach Word .docs

    Ohboy, what kind of craziness is this? I am using Windows Mail (not Windows Live Mail) with Windows 7 Home Premium and have been for several months now. I don't often attach word docs to emails but today I needed to. The first one attached and went out no problem. The second and subsequent ones refused to attach. Yes, they had been saved first, with a .doc extension. What goes on? Is this "normal"? I am using Word 2003.

    So I experimented step by step by step.

    I confirmed that Windows LIVE Mail 2011 which is also on this machine would send any word doc no problem.

    Windows Mail (do not mean live mail) will send any jpeg, new or old, no problem.

    Then eventually I went online and typed into google that windows mail says it "cannot find attachments, do I want to send anyway." An answer on a MS group came up and said that you first have to close the saved document, windows Mail can't find it if it is still open, even if saved!

    I did as the post said, and yes, the closed .doc did work. But, am I always going to have to do it this way? Is it a bug? Did a patch cause it? If so, what patch and what can I do about it.

    Other than this, I am pleased to report to all who hated to stop using Outlook Express, that Windows Mail from Vista, (I don't mean Windows Live Mail), works in Windows 7. Instructions are at

    Thanks very much in advance for any thoughts on attaching open, saved, .docs to Windows Mail emails.

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    How to send a Word Document as email message directly from word. This is not quite what your are trying to do.

    This forum article may supply an answer.

    Again, it does appear the document must be closed to be sent.
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    Just DRAG and DROP the file into the message body and it should go in as an attachment.

    I just tried it with my Windows Mail and it worked fine.
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