recently hotmail has been buggy
keeps switching to a new send message screen
there is a delay indicating some buggy script is running
then a couple of seconds after trying to get to a message and read it
the hotmail switches to the send a new message screen

microsoft is aware of this and asked for more information

has anyone else seen this problem

is there some way to slow down the force feed of all the extra stuff microsoft keeps shoving into our pc to see what/where it is/from ? that could be a clue
apparently one of those is excuting a bad script

any other ideas?

could javastuff have been updated without my knowledge and it is the culprit?
i try to keep all updates off all the time because autoupdates cause more problems than they fix.

if you encounter this pls send as many clues as possible to microsoft via their feedback.
if you can get to it before hotmail switches you to a send new message screen !