I have an EVGA GTS 450 video card with 1GB DDR5 RAM. I have the latest driver installed.

For some time I have had problems playing Flash video's (Youtube, etc.). They would start playing and then freeze for some period of time (20-30 seconds), then restart. Often (but not always) they would then play to the end.

Also, if I played 4 or more Youtube videos one after another, I would risk getting a BSOD in module NDIS_4 (an Nvidia driver module). And when viewing a video in full screen, sometimes it would change to black & white coloring.

After much research, I had come across some recommendations to turn off the hardware acceleration setting in the FLASH settings (NOT in Windows itself). Since making this change, Youtube video's play w/o problems and I haven't had an Nvidia BSOD yet, video's play fine without the stop or stuttering and I haven't seen any switches to B&W.

Performance of video's seems fine to me with this setting disabled.

To turn off hardware acceleration, see instructions here: