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    Outlook & Mailmerge (2002)

    I'm trying to achieve something I consider simple, but Microsoft wants to make amazingly difficult.
    I want to print off mailing labels to all contacts in Outlook on my Christmas card list.
    I've found in Outlook 2002, that the address book only has contacts with email addresses - no good there.
    I went back to ME and O2K and found everyone I wanted in the address book - wonderful.
    I then went to mail merge in Word and found that I cannot select contacts by category, because the address book doesn't carry that information !!
    OK, I think, I'll mailmerge directly from Outlook.
    It must be reasonably straightforward, after all it is an integrated suite of programs/data isn't it ?
    Nah !
    Whatever happened to integration and why can't I mailmerge directly from Outlook (or maybe you know a way I can)


    P.S. Why does Outlook 2002 insist on checking for mail when I'm not connected and then hanging ?

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    Re: Outlook & Mailmerge (2002)

    1) you need to use contacts, not the address book.
    2) you can mail merge from outlook, look at the tools menu (expand it if needed)
    3) not sure on category. maybe if you start it in word, you can filter by category. in outlook, you can group by category then select the group and merge using the selected contacts.

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    Re: Outlook & Mailmerge (2002)

    1) Yes I wanted to. That was the crux of my problem.
    2) Can't see anything there.
    3) starting from word, I can only get the address book (again).


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    Re: Outlook & Mailmerge (2002)

    Got there ! I can do it from Outlook (didn't realise, I had to be in contacts to see mailmerge in the tools menu).
    From there I have to filter the view before I kick off the mailmerge wizard.
    Mailmerge from word. I found how to select the Outlook contacts folder, but it does not give me the option of applying a filter on category.
    thanks for your help,

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