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    Smile MS Paint failing to save scans.

    This is just an F.Y.i. for Windows Secrets fans running Vista and use MS Paint.
    I scan documents into my desktop using Paint. It's worked well since 2008. I tried to scan in a picture and changed the scanner resolution from 300 dpi to 600 dpi. When I attempted to save the scan, Paint came back with a message that too much memory was being used or a resource was missing, close some programs and try again. PROCEXP was showing plenty of memory available. Searches on the Internet found other people that had this problem on Vista in 2008 through 2010, but no resolution was given. After puzzling over this for a few days, I had some time yesterday to look at it again. Paint was still failing to save even the smallest of documents. I would keep getting the same message about memory and resources. Just for the heck of it, I logged into another account I have on this machine, and low and behold, Paint was saving everything I asked it to. On going back to the original account, the failure still occurred. I was ready to accept defeat rather than wipe out the account we use all the time, but I thought to look further at the Paint settings. I clicked on IMAGE and under IMAGE the ATTRIBUTES column. The display that popped up showed the width and height pixels in the thousands (4 digits each). I clicked on default and the pixel count changed to width 720, height 450. Yes, Paint now saves Print Screens and documents without a problem. I will no longer use the 600 dpi setting on the scanner!

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    Thanks for the info. I will generally either save scans either as jpeg files or PDF files, depending on what the scan is. Obviously documents will be saved as PDF files. I generally save my scans into a folder in My Documents. I do not usually send the scans directly to Paint. If I wish to modify a jpeg, I will then open it in Paint to make minor mods, then save it. Since most of the time I do not anticipate modifying the scan file so scanning it to Paint seems an extra step to me.
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