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    How to create a poll

    To create a poll in the forum you wish to present your topic, click on the "Post New Thread" button near the top
    as you would when creating any other new thread.

    Type the name of your topic in the title area.
    No need to include the word "POLL" in the title as it will be done for you at the time the poll is created.
    Make a posting, preferably detailed, about the what/why of the poll or vote in the message area.

    When the above is complete and you are ready to start creating the voting/polling questions, scroll down to
    the bottom of the post below where you would normally hit the submit button, to where it details "Post a Poll".

    post a poll box

    Check the above box and determine the number of questions you want to submit, up to a maximum of nine.
    Then hit the "Submit New Thread" button.
    You will then be presented with the actual poll configuration question boxes to be filled in, but only when you
    click on the "Submit New Thread" button in the above order.

    Don't forget to give the poll a reasonably lengthy expiration date.
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