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    Excel Vlookup $ problem

    Hi all,

    I have a problem with Excel 2007 VLOOKUP that I have never seen before and wonder if anyone else has and if there is a simple solution (or I'm doing something stupid!).

    Formula is =VLOOKUP(C2,Sheet1!A2:B659,2,FALSE) which works fine. If I then edit to =VLOOKUP(C2,Sheet1!A$2:B$659,2,FALSE) to lock the lookup range so I can copy and paste the formula down the column, the formula does not calculate - I am not getting any of the normal #N/A or #REF errors, the cell just shows the formula.

    If anyone can suggest what is wrong I would be most greatfull.

    Regards Phil...

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    Welcome to the lounge as a new poster.

    My advice would be to lock both Col & Row, e.g. $A$2:$B$659 or better yet give it a range name and then just use it in the formula, e.g. =VLOOKUP(C2,MyLookUpTable,2,FALSE) :cheers
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