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    working with multiple excel sessions


    I have a two Excel sessions running (both Excel2003), using an extended desktop on 2 screens.

    On my left screen, I have two multi-sheet excel data files (of similar structure), arranged horizontally with synchronised scrolling.

    On my right screen, I have two files opened: one with macros, and another excel data file with a similar multi-sheet structure as those in my left window.

    In my macro file, I have a macro with a shortcutkey assigned.
    I press this keyboard shortcut when I'm looking at my excel data file on the right-hand monitor.
    What it does is synchronise all three excel datafiles to show the same sheet, the same scroll row and the same scroll column for all three files i.e. the two on my left screen and the one I am looking at on the right screen.

    It did exactly what I wanted yesterday.
    Today, it doesn't.

    1. I know the names of all the files.
    2. I have assigned and know the Application Caption for my 'left-hand' Excel instance.

    Has anyone done anything similar??

    I know Hans recommends you only use one instance of Excel, but blimey, we've got lots of gigabertz and gigabytes these days, so why not use 'em.


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    Hi zeddyOK I am sorry this post does not contain an answer for you but:1) Have you tried stepping into the macro code line by line and see whet line fails or what is happening that you disgruntled as "Not working"2) Having two Excel sessions is undesirable for many reasons IMHO.You cant save files properly while open in multiple sessions. Maybe Excel gets confused what session it needs yo work with.Having a fast machine with lots of RAM and disk spsce does not a good reason make. I will advise against it as wellWassim
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    What's the macro? More specifically, how do you get a reference to the other instance of Excel?

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