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    Drop-down list in Word 2007

    I am working on a drop-down list in word 2007. I have several questions:

    1. My drop down list is based on an excel list (see attahced excel example file). The list is pretty long. I don't mind typing these items in my Word drop-down list but I am wondering if a) The list is too long for word to handle. And b) if I can use the excel list as a source file for my drop-down list.

    2. I am also attahcing an example in Word. All the fields e.g. Job Function, Job Family, Job Code and Pay Level will eventully be a drop-down list if I can figure out how to do it. And one other thing I wanted to acheive is to be able to make the form a little smarter. For example, If anyone choose job function "HR", the job family drop-down list will only show "HR" realted job fmaily (based on the excel list) instead of every job family. Same for Job Code drop-down list - If anyone choose job function "HR", the Job Code drop-down list will only show "HR" related job code.

    I am fairly new to all the VBA code. Can somebody here help me?

    Thanks a lot!

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    I don't believe having one drop-down depend on the previous, etc. is very easy in either Word or Excel.
    I have faced a similar situation in Excel only and had to create all of the sub-lists separately with tests in the validation.
    I recall seeing saw some VB code for Excel but wasn't able to get it to work (not that the code was bad, it was ME trying to modify it).
    It sounds more like a job for Access than either Word or Excel.

    Hopefully, someone will come up with a good approach.

    Here's an example of how I was forced to do it.
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    Here's an example of two content controls where the value of one causes the drop-down list of the other to change.
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    You can do linked dropdown lists in Word, as illustrated in

    Dropdown legacy form fields (as opposed to content controls) in all versions of Word are limited to 25 entries per field. In a quick look at your Excel file, I don't think any of your categories exceed that limit, but some of them are close; if a few more families are added to some of the function categories, then form fields won't work any more. You might be better advised to start immediately with a userform ( in which the dropdown lists are not limited.

    These articles and the ones cited in the other replies should get you started. If you hit a specific problem, post back and describe the exact logic you're trying to execute.

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