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    Drop-down list in Word 2007

    I am working on a drop-down list in word 2007. I have several questions:

    1. My drop down list is based on an excel list (see attahced excel example file). The list is pretty long. I don't mind typing these items in my Word drop-down list but I am wondering if a) The list is too long for word to handle. And b) if I can use the excel list as a source file for my drop-down list.

    2. I am also attahcing an example in Word. All the fields e.g. Job Function, Job Family, Job Code and Pay Level will eventully be a drop-down list if I can figure out how to do it. And one other thing I wanted to acheive is to be able to make the form a little smarter. For example, If anyone choose job function "HR", the job family drop-down list will only show "HR" realted job fmaily (based on the excel list) instead of every job family. Same for Job Code drop-down list - If anyone choose job function "HR", the Job Code drop-down list will only show "HR" related job code.

    I am fairly new to all the VBA code. Can somebody here help me?

    Thanks a lot!

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