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    Non-destructive Win 7 reinstall using USB (no DVD)

    I've made a backup image of my entire SSD on my Toshiba Ultrabook, which lacks a DVD. I want to do a typical repair reinstall, but using USB. I've downloaded and verified the Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit with SP1 ISO from Digital River, and used the Microsoft Windows7-USB-DVD-tool.exe to "burn" it to a USB thumbdrive. I also burned and verified it to a DVD on my desktop, and know the ISO was downloaded OK.

    The MS USB tool formatted the thumbdrive and it will boot into setup. However, I'm getting errors when running setup.exe from within Win 7 to do a non-destructive reinstall. It gives me an error code 0x583 "Windows could not update the installation files...." if I allow it to go online for updates. Before I try it without going online, I'm wondering whether I will succeed with the reboots along the way using USB. Fred Langa speaks only of DVD installs.

    I also have a TruCrypt file, mounted and showing all files (and backed up as part of the image). Will this interfere with the reinstall?
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    Why not buy a usb cd/dvd writer. Mine was bought in the UK for under 15.
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