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    Change multiple links at once

    I have a good many internet links that I set up with a specific browser so that it [they] would never be interfered with in running, or interfere with other links by taking over a specific browser.

    Now I want to change the browser they are associated with. It occurred to me that if I were to establish a variable [sort of like %windir%] then I would just change the assignment of the specific variable, and anything affected by or connected to that variable would change as well.

    Right? Wrong?

    Assuming that this is true / possible, how would I set up a variable so that it was *always* there, regardless of who was logged in or what startup files were run at log in?

    Then what, assign it as Newvar="x" and then use it as %Newvar%?

    OK, I set the var via right-clicking on Computer and going to "Advanced System Settings" and "Environment Variables."

    But now, the shortcut won't all me to use %NewVar% in place of the command-line "C:\WinApps\Comm\Internet\Browsers\Chrome Portable\ChromePort.exe".

    What do I need to change here?

    Chuck Billow
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